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Naam Indira
Land Oostenrijk
Homepage Homepage
Datum 23-03-2013 14:55:28

Thanks a lot! This is definitely an incredible webpage!

Naam Arina
Land Nederland
Datum 13-09-2011 22:52:36

Wat een leuke foto's van de Playmobil westernstad op deze site! Vanmiddag hebben we juist voor ons dochtertje de nieuwe Western-meeneemkoffer van een sheriffkantoor en bank gekocht en ook de postkoets, maar helaas is niet meer zoveel te krijgen als vroeger. Wat zijn deze foto's geweldig!

Naam Marco Moerland
Land Nederland
Datum 16-05-2011 15:10:28

Ik heb op Beneluxspoornet je vraag over de herkomst van het Halling-model van Wolterdorf gelezen.

Het model is gebaseerd op de motorwagens van Salzburg. De Halling-versie van Woltersdorf is een fantasie die een beetje in de buurt van de oorspronkelijke Woltersdorf-trammetjes komt. Halling heeft zelfs de moderne contactdoos - linksonder op het front - die op de Salzburger museumwagen aangebracht is, weergegeven.

Het materieel van Orenstein & Koppel waar Woltersdorf in 1913 mee begon was groter en zwaarder dan in Salzburg, de motorwagens hadden hoekige gesloten balkons. Motorwagen 2 is bewaard en gerestaureerd in Woltersdorf.

Voor de Salzburger-wagen is, zie Homepage

Het origineel is in 1909 door MAN in Nürnberg gebouwd en bewaard bij de Museumstramway Mariazell in Oostenrijk; Homepage

Naam Helen
Land Verenigde Staten
Homepage Homepage
Datum 30-12-2008 23:56:17

Happy New Year to you and all around you, may it bring you just about all you want and a little extra happiness.
It's been wonderful browsing your site and I'm extremely impressed with your railroad. Knowing how perfect you like things to be, you have really done some amazing stuff and it blew me away.
Here's to catching up with you another time and enjoy life. Helen

Naam kimberly beatty
Land Verenigde Staten
Datum 16-12-2008 17:22:38

i love the rock photos
let me know if you ever want anything from the u s

Naam Gustavo Brauner
Land Brazilië
Datum 14-12-2008 13:30:56

Congratulations on your web site - it's great!
But how come your links page does not have PlaymoDB???

Anyway, here you go:


Naam fan
Land Duitsland
Datum 10-09-2008 01:34:26

wie machst du das nur? geniale filme

Naam Mary
Land Duitsland
Homepage Homepage
Datum 12-07-2008 05:32:58

Hi Sven, thanks for great Mac OS icons

Naam Mr. Gomibako
Land Duitsland
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Datum 25-01-2008 11:27:00

Hi Sven,
ich schreibe in Deutsch, weil ich gesehen habe dass Du die Sprache auch kannst und mein EEnglisch sehr eingerostet ist!

Ich würde gerne einen kleinen Bericht über Deine Homepage und vor allem über Deine Playmobil Videos machen! Dieser Bericht würde dann auf unserer Homepage Homepage online gehen!

Den Text würde ich natürlich selber schreiben und Fotos und Videos haste ja mehr als genug! Dürfen wir einen Bericht über Dich schreiben?


Mr. Gomibako

Naam Herr Potz
Land Duitsland
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Datum 03-01-2008 02:15:29

super Video "Bloody snow". Hab mir mal erlaubt es auf meiner Myspace-Seite zuverknüpfen. Hast vielleicht mal irgendwann lust+zeit ein Musikvideo im Playmobil-Stil von einem meiner Songs anzufertigen ?
Herr Potz

Naam Fernando again!
Land Mexico
Datum 12-12-2007 22:56:47

Hola Sven! Nothing, just again myself, is always cool to discover new features on a web page, and today I discovered your icons pack for Mac OS X. Thanks!! Hey dude are so cool!!! I've placed some in my folders to recognize them.

Thanks a bunch! Greetings from Mexiko.


Naam Stefan
Land Zwitserland
Homepage Homepage
Datum 26-10-2007 11:36:05

Hi Sven

I stumbled over your website because of iStopmotion. I really love what you do here. There's so much heart in your movies and one can see that it's a real passion for you. And there are so many funny ideas ("määh"), I really laughed a lot.

Sometime next month our website should go online. We do more like "long" Lego-Movies (20-30 Minutes). Unfortunately, everything's in German. Maybe we'll change that one day. However, check it out when you get to it.

Kind regards

Naam Eileen Wallgren
Land Verenigde Staten
Homepage Homepage
Datum 19-09-2007 02:31:51

Absolutely love your website. Every Friday we volunteer at a school for homeless children and right now we are teaching the kids stop-motion/animation. It's hard to get them to comprehend how to do it and how impressive it can be at the end. I found your stop-motion films fabulous and hilarious. Please keep doing and adding more. I really love your work. Totally brilliant.

Naam Leo Bellucci
Land Italië
Datum 25-06-2007 11:18:38

Hi Sven,
how are you?
I'm so happy too see you alive and kicking as usual!
I like your web site very much, but.... I think there is a "mistake" in the Italia Anathem Picture:
You used pictures of football teams for all the coutries but for the Italian one you put the Rugby team one.
If you wish, I think I have a proper one:
Ciao Sven, I hope to see you again one day!

Naam zwan
Land Frankrijk
Homepage Homepage
Datum 25-04-2007 00:48:55

Congratulation, your site is superb, and your films are of a very great quality, although I a word does not understand of what is known as (my English level is low) I appreciate your animations enormously. It is really splendid, cheer!

Naam zwan
Land Frankrijk
Homepage Homepage
Datum 25-04-2007 00:45:50

Félicitation, votre site est superbe, et vos films sont d'une très grande qualité, bien que je ne comprend pas un mot de ce qui est dit ( mon niveau en anglais est faible) j'apprécie énormement vos animations.
C'est vraiment magnifique, bravo !

Naam Saron
Land België
Homepage Homepage
Datum 15-03-2007 15:07:34

Hola! Drawings that you placed on your site are fairly interesting and singular. Among your photos I especially paid attention to the photo with hilarious guys )

Naam Jonathan Clements
Land Verenigde Staten
Homepage Homepage
Datum 30-01-2007 00:02:00

Hey sven, I've loved all your movies, bloody snow perhaps the most. You might now remember, but you helped me compress my film "Ringo" a few years ago. I just wanted to let you know i filmed a new movie (no sound yet) and its on youtube. I hope you like it!!

Naam Dirk Schneider
Land Verenigde Staten
Datum 23-01-2007 19:58:09

Hey Svenno - Happy Birthday and alles Gute!
Just tried to reach you in the shop but it looks like youre closing early.
Hope all is well - Greetings from Cupertino - Dirk

Naam Steini
Land Duitsland
Homepage Homepage
Datum 05-12-2006 11:01:56

Heja folks!

I love your website and i am a great fan of the viking five! Please, give us more of this fantastic stuff.

cheers from Germany


Naam Andrew - Sydney
Land Australië
Homepage Homepage
Datum 13-09-2006 17:27:52

Hey Sven!

What is life worth in the Netherlands!

From your map looks like you might be back home. I'm still in Australia, but heading to Qatar to work for a few months.

Not too much else happening.

Hope your well! Love your web site.


Naam Maarten
Homepage Homepage
Datum 30-08-2006 11:55:58

Yooooo was las ik in de macfan...... dat ik binnekort eens naar tilburg ga!

Naam Martin van Hensbe...
Land Nederland
Datum 28-08-2006 15:32:26

Hoi Sven!

Leuk je site weer eens te bezoeken Kan nog altijd genieten van de foto's van de Apple rondleiding in Cork - ga over twee weken weer naar Ierland Drop eens een line als je tijd/zin/gelegenheid hebt

Naam giel sweertv....
Land België
Homepage Homepage
Datum 11-08-2006 12:45:52


(p.s. mijn site bestaat nog niet)

Naam Hödi
Land Zwitserland
Homepage Homepage
Datum 02-08-2006 13:29:09

Hi - I love your page! Especially the Stop-Motion-Movies are great - and the Ukulele-Songs...

Naam dirk
Land Verenigde Staten
Homepage Homepage
Datum 18-07-2006 02:47:39

hey svenno - long time no see. Yes, I have a guilty conscience, leaving Europe with out telling. But take my apologies. See, I even wrote in your guestbook and I also subscriped to your podcast feed. Hope thats enough for the moment to acquit myself from ignorance - ob hed choode leven - Dirk

Naam Olaf aka Henry
Land Duitsland
Datum 04-06-2006 21:13:57

Hi Sven, old friend,

havent been here for a while!
Hope you are doing fine.
After 20 months I have finally escaped
my self digged dungeon.

Looking forward reading from you soon.
Cheers Olaf
Who will become World Champion?

Naam torq42
Land Duitsland
Datum 30-05-2006 20:55:43

Sven,great movies!Keep it up.
Also a question.How did you do the "snowing" effect in "Bloody Snow"? If you used a blue screen,what software did you use?
Thanks in advance.

Reactie van Sven

By using the snow filter of Virtix:


Naam Viking reenactor!
Land Verenigd Koninkrijk
Datum 07-05-2006 13:17:29

Hail! keep up the good work, please make more viking five adventures!

Naam Kevin
Land Canada
Homepage Homepage
Datum 07-05-2006 00:32:21

Sven, your work is amazing! I'm a really big fan of your stop-motion animations. Keep up the incredible work.

All the best!

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